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By posting a job here, you’ll have the possibility of getting your job opening in front of thousands of Elixir developers. How?

Elixir Radar is composed of two parts:

  • An email newsletter
  • An online job board

When you post a job here, we’ll show your job opportunity on our job board for free. Also, you'll have the option to pay us to promote your job listing in our newsletter too.

Online Job Board: be found by people who are actively looking for an Elixir job

When someone is actively looking for an Elixir job, they'll find your job opening on our web job board.

In addition to that, we send visitors to our job board from our newsletter, which is one of the biggest Elixir newsletters on the internet. (maybe the biggest one, but I can't claim that for sure 😁)

The job board part is free!

Email Newsletter: send your job opportunity to 9,000+ Elixir developers

Elixir Radar newsletter has more than 9,000 subscribers! Those people actively subscribed to receive Elixir-related content from us every week.

We can send your job listing directly to their email inboxes together with our curated content. Here's an example of one of our latest newsleter issues.

This option is paid, it's US$ 100 per job listing.

Plus: you'll be supporting a one-person business that generates value for free for the Elixir community

Elixir Radar is a single person's effort (me, Hugo).

I do that work because as a member of the Elixir community, I want it to grow and thrive. Part of that is connecting Elixir developers to Elixir companies. That's why I offer a free option, so every Elixir company can have a chance to use Elixir Radar to attract and employ Elixir developers.

I also have a paid option, because I want my work to be financially sustainable. Something that allows me to continue working on that and to contribute to the Elixir community in free and paid ways.

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